Forex Rates


Forex Rates' Currency Converter is a unique and very helpful tool, which allows you to convert the currencies between 167 different countries. This makes it stand out from other such tools available free online, which can convert to only a specific currency, and that too, from a far lesser number of currencies.

Converting from one currency to another using this tool is simple:

  • Enter an amount in the left-most box
  • Select the desired currencies using the drop down menus (Second from left is the 'From' box, while next to it, is the 'To' box)
  • Click the 'Go' button to perform the conversion

Currencies are traded on financial markets, which are vulnerable to changes in supply and demand, as well as economic and political events. Hence, the values of currencies fluctuate constantly. Knowing the exact currency rate at a given time is indispensable during foreign travel and while making a payment outside the country. The Currency Converter tool is a great asset in this regard, which can prevent losses due to inaccurate information and miscalculations.